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This web page is dedicated to the different Web Applications we support at Kellogg Community College to all employees.

Course Request

To request your courses, whether in Moodle Portal Team site. Please follow the link below and fill out the necessary information for your course, click here

Moodle for Instructors

Moodle is a web-based course management system that allows faculty to post course material on the web, provide feedback to students, as well as facilitate interaction with and between students. For Moodle Support, click here

Retention Alert

Retention Alert is a student tracking and alert system that allows the College to reach out to students before they get off track. It provides a communication system throughout the institution which helps identify at-risk students and provide opportunities to improve student success. For more information and support click here

Employee Email

All Kellogg Community College regular, part-time, and adjunct employees will be required to have and use a Outlook e-mail account. Web Access allows you to use a standard web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and logging into the web portal. For help and support with email click here

Kellogg Registration Information Systems (KRIS)

The Kellogg Registration Information System (KRIS) provides a gateway to the resources you need anytime and anywhere from the web. The KRIS system also provides instructional staff members the ability to view their class roster, enter their grades, search for open classes, view their scheduled classes, and view their student college related information. Click here to go to the KRIS for Employees web page.

Time Entry - Time Sheets must be submitted by the Monday following the pay period end date at 12:00pm Click here for help and how to enter you time.

Time Approval - under construction

Print Request

Go to printshop.kellogg.edu Use your K ID and password to log in to the web page, the system should prompt you to update your information already loaded in the system. Click here for more help with Duplication Requests.



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